Windows 10

Changing the Sizes of the Icons in Windows 10

Many people likes the desktop icons to be large enough so that you can easily tap the touchscreen laptop and on the other hand some users may want the size of the icon to be a bit smaller so that the shortcuts won’t take much of your screen space. Fortunately Windows 10 will allow you to modify the size of the icons easily.You can also learn about Deleting the Locked Files in Windows 10. By following the steps mentioned below you can change the size of Desktop icons in Windows 10.

  • First of all you ar required to right click on the empty space anywhere on your desktop.
  • Now from the contextual menu you need to select View.
  • Now in the next step you need to select the large icons, medium icons or small icons.

Changing the Size of the Taskbar Icons:

  • For changing the size of the taskbar icons you are required to follow these simple steps.
  • First of all you are required to right click on an empty space on your desktop.
  • Now in the next step you are required to select Display Settings from the contextual menu.
  • Now you need to move the slider bar to 100%, 125%, 150% or 175%.
  • Now you need to press the press Apply which is located at the bottom of settings window. After this Windows may ask you to restart your system for more consistent experience.

Modifying the Size of Icons in File Explorer

The size of the icons can also be modified with File Explorer and for that you are required to access the folder location and then use the mouse’s scroll wheel for zooming or out. This will switch the view between the large icons, medium icons and small icons.

Windows 10

Deleting the Locked File in Windows 10

If you are planning to open a locked folder the system will not allow you to perform any task with the locked folder like opening it, moving it or deleting it. Now for performing these tasks you require a password. Now for all the folders which are locked by the others opening is not an option but you can delete the locked files. And deleting is not as simple as clicking the Delete.You can also learn about Charts in MS PowerPoint 2016. Now if you want to delete the locked files you are required to follow these simple steps.

  • 1st of all you are required to locate the files which you want to delete.
  • Now you need to download Process Explorer from Microsoft Website ( and after this click OK on the pop up window which will appear.
  • Now in the next step you are required to double click processexp64 in order to extract the file.
  • Now select Extract All and after that click Open.
  • Double click the procexp64 application in order to open the application.
  • Now in the next step select Run and after that read the terms and then press the Agree button.
  • Now in the Process Explorer window select File>Show Details for All Processes.
  • Now let the application to make changes by pressing the Yes button.
  • Now go tot he Find menu located at the top and then select Find Handle or DLL.
  • Now in the next step type in the file name and then hit Search.
  • Right click the process in the bottom of the Process Explorer screen and select Close Handle.
  • Now after this you need to just delete the file which you will do normally.
Windows 10

Using OneDrive with Windows 8

Windows 8 has a close connection with OneDrive which is an online storage service. All the files which have been stored in OneDrive can be accessed effortlessly with Windows 8. In the following tutorial you are learn how to manage OneDrive files. Now a days the life has become very fast and people have become more mobile. People need the files wherever they go and here cloud technology comes in handy. With the cloud technology you can save your files online and you can access them anywhere and all you need is Internet connection. You can also learn about How to Find and Replace a Word in MS PowerPoint 2016.

Uploading Files to OneDrive:

There are several applications like MS Office which offers to save the files to OneDrive by default however you may want to save some files from your PC to OneDrive. Now for uploading the files on OneDrive you are required to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all you are required to click on OneDrive app on the Start Screen.
  • Now right click anywhere on the screen and a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you are required to click on Add Files button.
  • After this you will notice a list of folders on your computer and from here select the desired folder.
  • Once you have found the file which you want to uplaod then select it and click Copy to OneDrive. You can select more than one file as well for uploading.
  • The selected files will be uploaded to the OneDrive.

Accessing OneDrive in a Web Browser:

Now once the files have been added in your OneDrive which can be accessed from any computer that has got an internet connection. In order to access OneDrive from Web Browser you are required to follow these steps.

  • 1st of all Go to and after that sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • All of your files and folders will appear now from here on you are required to click on the desired folder or file to open it.
  • If you are viewing an Office document like Word document you ca click on Edit Document and then select Edit in Word Online in order to edit it.