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Bookmarking in Firefox

You have found a website that you want to view later but scared that you nay forget the address of the website. Then bookmarking is what you need to do in order to save and organize any website so that you can revisit the site again. In the following tutorial you will learn how to add bookmarks to Firefox.

To add a bookmark

  • First of all you need to click the star in the address bar in order to save the current page as a bookmark. The new bookmarks are saved to Other Bookmarks folder by default.
  • In the menu that ill pop up you can select a different name or folder for this bookmark. Now you need to click the Folder drop-down menu and the select Choose to select different folder for bookmark. When you are done click on Done.

Using bookmarks

Once you have bookmarked a website there are different ways to open the bookmarks.

The Bookmark button: Click on the Bookmark button in order to see all of your bookmarks. You can hover the mouse over other Bookmarks in order to access any bookmarks that you have saved recently.

The Address Bar: As you will begin tyoing in the address bar, any bookmarks matching the text will appear with the star icon. You need to click a bookmark to open it.

The Bookmark toolbar: If there are some sites that you access frequently, you can sabe them to the Bookmarks toolbar folder for instant access. Now click the bookmarks button, hover the mouse over the Bookmarks toolbar and then click View Bookmarks Toolbar to turn on the toolbar.

Managing Bookmarks

If you are using the bookmarks regularly you can learn how to organize them.

Creating a folder

You can add new folders to the bookmark Toolbar folder, the Bookmark menu folder or the Other Bookmarks folder.

  • Click on the Bookmark button and after that select Show All Bookmarks.
  • A Library will appear in new window with all of your bookmarks. You need to select desired location for the folder.
  • Now click Organize and select New Folder.
  • You will notice that a dialog box will appear. You need to enter a name for the folder. You can also add description. When it is completed click Add.
  • With this the folder will be created.