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Browsing in Edge

Edge is a browser from Microsoft which makes the browsing of web very easy and quick. Inthis tutorial you will talk about navigating to websites in Edge.

To Navigate to a Website

  • In Edge browser you can use the address bar for navigating to other websites and for coducting the web searches.
  • In order to naviagte to a website you need to type a web address into the adress bar and after that press Enter.
  • In order to conduct a web search you need to type a search term into the address bar. A lost of the possible search terms will appear.
  • Now press Enter to search or select a suggestion.

Navigating in Edge

  • Edge uses three different buttons for navigation which are Back, Forward and Refresh buttons.
  • The Back and Forward buttons lets you to move through pages you have viewed recently.
  • The Refresh button will reload the current page. If a website stops working you can try using the Refresh button. If the webpage does not load correctly it will temporarily become Stop button which you can click to stop a webpage from loading.

Windows and Tabs:

Just like all the browsers, Edge lets you open the new windows to view different pages. In addition Edge lets you open multiple websites in same window by using tabs. Tabs are more convenient than opening several windows simultaneously.

To Open a new Window:

  • First of all click the More button and then select New window. You can also press Ctrl+N on your keyboard.
  • After this a new window will appear.

To Open a new tab:

  • First of all click the New tab button next to current open tab. You can also press Ctrl+T on your keyboard.
  • A new tab will appear. You need to type an address and then press Enter to navigate to a new page.
  • The page will appear in the new tab.

Switching between Tabs:

  • First of all click any tab that is not currently selected.
  • The tab will be selected.

Closing a Tab:

  • In order to close a tab you need to click the X located on the right side of the tab. You can also press Ctrl+W on your keyboard to close current tab.

Opening a Link in new Tab:

For opening a link in new tab follow these steps.

  • Right click on the link which you need to open and after that select Open in new tab from the drop-down menu.
  • The website will open in the new tab.
  • Now click on the tab to view the website.