Windows 10

How to Activate Parental Control in Windows 10

If you have children at home you must be possessive about your kids that what are they doing and what are they watching on the Internet. With Parental controls will help keep your children safe whenever they use computer. You can easily restrict which programs they can run as well as which websites they can visit. You can also limit the time your kids use Internet and can spend on computer every day. You can also get a detailed report on their activities. For using Windows parental control you need two things 1st you need to log in to Windows with a Microsoft account and the account which you need to manage have to be set up as a child account in Windows. You child also needs to have Microsoft account for using Windows 10. Though it is different from previous versions but it is necessary for setting up parental control. If your child hasn’t got any email account Windows 10 will prompt you to create one when you setup child account. Once the child account is created in Windows you can use the Parental controls. In order to use Parental controls in Windows 10 you need to follow these steps.

  • 1st of all you need to sign in to from your Microsoft account. You can also access the page from Account settings (From Setting app go to Accounts>Family & Other users)
  • Now click on your child’s name.
  • In the next step you need to review and adjust the Activity reporting settings on the main account page for your child. The activity reporting and weekly email reports are on by default and you can toggle off the settings as well as uncheck email weekly reports.
  • Now you need to block some specific websites and app by clicking on Block option next to them.