Windows 10

Changing the Sizes of the Icons in Windows 10

Many people likes the desktop icons to be large enough so that you can easily tap the touchscreen laptop and on the other hand some users may want the size of the icon to be a bit smaller so that the shortcuts won’t take much of your screen space. Fortunately Windows 10 will allow you to modify the size of the icons easily.You can also learn about Deleting the Locked Files in Windows 10. By following the steps mentioned below you can change the size of Desktop icons in Windows 10.

  • First of all you ar required to right click on the empty space anywhere on your desktop.
  • Now from the contextual menu you need to select View.
  • Now in the next step you need to select the large icons, medium icons or small icons.

Changing the Size of the Taskbar Icons:

  • For changing the size of the taskbar icons you are required to follow these simple steps.
  • First of all you are required to right click on an empty space on your desktop.
  • Now in the next step you are required to select Display Settings from the contextual menu.
  • Now you need to move the slider bar to 100%, 125%, 150% or 175%.
  • Now you need to press the press Apply which is located at the bottom of settings window. After this Windows may ask you to restart your system for more consistent experience.

Modifying the Size of Icons in File Explorer

The size of the icons can also be modified with File Explorer and for that you are required to access the folder location and then use the mouse’s scroll wheel for zooming or out. This will switch the view between the large icons, medium icons and small icons.