Microsoft Office

Grouping and Ungrouping Worksheets in MS Excel

A Workbook in MS Excel is a multi page Excel document which is composed of various worksheets. Now most of the itime you are required to work with various different workbooks at the same time. It is only possible if you group the multiple worksheets. With grouping you can apply identical formulas and for formatting across all worksheets in the group. You can also learn about Changing the Sizes of the Icons in Windows 10.

Grouping of Worksheets:

For grouping the multiple worksheets you are required to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all you need to click on Sheet tab for selecting one worksheet.
  • Now for selecting more than one worksheet you are required to hold down the Control key and after that click on multiple sheet tabs in the workbook.
  • Now for selecting all the worksheets in the workbook you are required to right click any worksheet tab and then choose Select All Sheets from the shortcut menu.
  • With these simple steps you will be able to group multiple workbooks. When you are done with entering, formatting, moving, and copying the data you need to ungroup the worksheets.

Ungrouping Worksheets:

In order to ungroup the worksheets you are required to follow these simple and easy steps.

First of all you need to right click on any of the selected worksheet tabs.

Now you need to Ungroup Sheets from the shortcut menu.

Moving the Worksheets:

Now moving the worksheets from one place to another you need to follow these steps.

  • Select the worksheet which you want to move.
  • Now select Edit>Move or Copy from the menu bar.
  • Now in the Move or Copy dialog box you have to use drop-down boxes for selecting the name of the workbook which you will move the sheet to.
  • Now check Create a copy for copying it.
  • Now you need to click OK button for moving the worksheet to the new location.