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Finding Files with Search and Libraries in Windows 7

In this tutorial you will learn how to access your content through Search and Libraries. Most of the users access the files through My Documnts, the C drive or from some other locations like a backup drive or a server. But Microsoft wanted to make the finding your files easier so they developed thw Libraries. Libraries are actually the collections of your stored content that can be accessed easily through the Desktop Search function. Libraries will ne replace your folders they simply house them on single collection.

Windows Explorer

Understanding of Windows Explorer will allow you to navigate through your content as well as work with your files and folders in a very easy way.

  • Click on the folder icon on the taskbar to open Windows Explorer.
To Use Windows Explorer
  • First of all move through your content by double clicking on the folder, clicking on the Forward and Back buttons or by simply clicking on headings in Address bar.
  • Now you can preview the files by selecting the Show the Preview pane button.
  • The default program will open when you will double click a file.

To Change the View of the Ocntent in your Folders:

In order to change the view, select the View button and select your preference.

To Change How your Content is Arranged
  • Depending on the library you can Arrange content by month, day, rating or any other factors.
  • Select the Arrange by button and then select your preferences.

Using Search

To search your Libraries
  • First of all you need to locate the Search bar at the top right corner of Windows Explorer pane.
  • Now you are required to start typing a file name or keyword.
  • Now Search will start displaying the matching items even before you will finish the typing.

Searching from the start Menu

Windows Explorer pane is not just the only place that you can access Search and Libraries. You can find Search bar in the Start Menu along with one click access to the famous Libraries.